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Always concerned to improve our customer service as our only goal is perfection, Playmar has incorporated over the last few years of experience, the necessary services, this leads us to assert that we have the best solution to any problem or we demand that a customer may request.

All these services are organized by a team of professionals, each in his specialty free primary services. We are convinced that consider us good professionals is essential to give a minimum of services to each client. These services are free, as our obligation and our goal is that the customer is satisfied, it is our reputation, (any publicity is so profitable as we can make a happy customer).


1 - Monitoring of construction.
2 - Control the reforms.
3 - Legal and tax.
4 - Organization of the scriptures.
5 - Management of mortgages.
6 - Help and advice on home equipment
* furnitures, curtains, lamps, appliances, etc..
7 - General information.
8 - home insurrance.


Once the primary services and free, the customer is already comfortably installed in your home, then consider that we have fulfilled our duty only, but we know the customer once you own your home has some obligations and legal tax own, wich often become a problem because of distance and ignorance of these issues to solve all these cases, we have created the after-sales services, wich are.


1 - Procurement of light.
2 - Water procurement.
3 - Fiscal representation.
4 - Translation scripture.
5 - Deeds registration and settlement taxes.
6 - Application for residency.
7 - Transfer of imported vehicles.
8 - Statements of assets, etc..